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  Machine Specifications
Torrington W13A Segment Coiler
Inventory #: 204018

Serial #: 116205
New: 1965
Catalog Specs:
Wire Diameter: Minimum - .125" Maximum - .313" Wire Length: Up To 179" For .148" 120" For .187" 92" For .207" 80" For .250" 60" For .313" Wire Coil O.D.: Minimum - 5X Wire Diameter Maximum - 4.63" Production: 13 To 82 Springs Per Minute, 200 Feet Per Minute Floor Space 94" X 72" Weight 12500 Lbs. Motor Required: 20 H.P. Direct Motor Drive

Equipped With:
Equipped With: Feed Rolls, Wire Guides, Tool Holder Motorized Coil Starter, Linear Bearing Diameter Slide Double Diameter, Single Pitch (double pitch bell crank) One set of 3 Feed Gears, One pair of Production Gears 15 HP Variable Speed Drive

Location: Lake Forest

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